Andhra govt to roll out online sale of movie tickets

The decision was revealed by the state cinematography minister Perni Venkatramaiah

The Andhra Pradesh government took an important decision and said that they will soon roll out the online sale of cinema tickets in the state. The decision was revealed by the state cinematography minister Perni Venkatramaiah.


Many well-known delegations of Tollywood film distributors, film producers and theatre owners met the minister to discuss various issues.


After meeting the delegation, the minister said that the Tollywood delegation has supported the government's decision.


He said, "The government wants to ensure that movie entertainment is available to people, at affordable prices where the tickets will be offered online at government-set pricing."


He also explained that the policy will stop blackmarketing of cinema hall tickets and will also put a check on tax evasion. The policy will ensure transparency in the market.


The meeting which was held on Monday, comes after the biggest star of telugu film industry Chiranjeevi's recent statement. Chiranjeevi said that the CM of the two Telugu states should take the initiative to address the problems of Tollywood.


The well-known filmmakers, distributors and theater owners like DNV Prasad, Dil Raju, Adi Seshagiri Rao and DVV Danayya attended the meeting. They discussed all the problems faced by the industry due to Covid pandemic.


Perni Venkatramaiah also said that many other decisions will be taken by the government after reviewing the problems of the industry.

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