Deepika Padukone pulls a prank on her hairstylist

Deepika shared the prank video along with a devil emoji in the caption.

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone played a prank on her hairstylist Yianni Tsapatori by offering him some spicy raw mangoes.

She filmed and shared the video of the whole prank on her social media. Deepika took to her official Instagram handle and shared the prank video along with a devil emoji in the caption.

The actress is quite the prankster and her latest Instagram video is a proof. In the video, she is seen seated in front of a mirror offering Yianni some raw chilly mangoes.

At first, Yianni hesitates but after Deepika insists, he tries the raw chilli mangoes.Yianni was surprised to find chilli with the raw mangoes and clearly had low tolerance to spice and can be heard saying, "My mouth is burning." She cheekily asks him, "What happened, Yianni?"

Chilli with the raw mangoes is a common dish in India, while Yianni, who is not a native of the country couldn't handle the heat of the chilli raw mangoes.

At present, Deepika is waiting for the release of Ranveer Singh-starrer 83. She is also working on her lined up projects like The Intern, Pathan, Fighter and also has an untitled project with Prabhas.

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