Dilip Kumar loved Madhubala but married Saira Banu; Know why

Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passes away at 98 on Wednesday morning after prolonged illness

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar breathed his last today. The 98 year old veteran actor was admitted to Mumbai’s PD Hinduja Hospital on 30 June after he suffered breathlessness.


His work had made the film world his fan but his love life has always been in controversies. Dilip Kumar who touched the heights in his career, had failed many times in love.


Not many people know that Devika Rani named Yusuf Khan as Dilip Kumar in 1940, and this was the moment when the veteran actor emerged in Bollywood.


The first love that came in actor's life was actress Kamini Kaushal. Theu met on the sets of the film ‘Shaheed’ and both wanted to get married and had done all the planning for it.


But Kamini was already married because her sister’s children were small and Kamini had to get married to handle them as her sister died at an early age.


Kamini’s brother threaten Dilip and even warned him to stay away from Kamini. This relationship lasted for three years.


Then, the legendary actor Dilip Met Madhubala In 1951 while the shooting of the film ‘Tarana’.


The special thing about this love story was that love was first expressed by Madhubala. She sent a letter with roses to Dilip which reads that if he loves her and would accept this roses


Dilip Kumar smiled and accepted the flowers. But for a moment, they both did not want to be separated from each other So wherever Madhubala was shooting, he would reach that set.


Stories of their love spreaded all around in the film industry. Madhubala’s father Ataullah Khan was strongly against this love relationship. Ataullah kept a strict watch on Madhubala to keep him away from Dilip Kumar.


To which, Dilip Kumar started disliking him and said that this relationship had even reached to the engagement. But just before marriage, Dilip was put such a condition in front of Madhubala which was not easy for her to accept him.


Dilip asked Madhubala not to work in films after their marriage and also to break ties with her father. Madhubala was the sole supporter in the whole family and loved her father very much.


Madhubala couldn't accept this condition of him and arguments started between the two and eventually the love died. For a long time no beautiful actress could touch Dilip’s heart.


Kumar survived by his wife Saira Banu. The two were married for over five decades and the couple had an age gap of 22 years. The two got married in 1966, years after his relationship with Madhubala ended.


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