SSR death anniversary: From flying plane to sending kids to NASA, here's the list of his dreams

Sushant Singh Raput's death in 2020 was shocking news to the entire nation

Sushant Singh Raput's death in 2020 was a shocking news to the entire nation. The actor was awaiting the release of "Dil Bechara". With his first death anniversary on June 14, 2021, let’s check this talented actors’ some of the unfulfilled dreams which he had shared on social media in 2019.

# the actor had purchased a plane to learn flying plane. In 2018, before the actor deleted his old posts on Instagram, he had shared a video with caption: "#LovingMyDream 1/150 ! ‘GET A FLYING LICENSE!!’ Buying this beauty (Boeing 737 Fixed Base Flight Simulator) to start loving/living my first of 150 dreams; to fly.

# Sushant Singh Rajput also once aspired to be an astronaut as a child. Thus he wanted to fulfil his childhood wish by sending 100 kids to a NASA workshop.

# Sushant wanted to participate in the Iron Man triathlon/Marathon. He wrote on social media "#Dream 3/150 IRONMAN TRIATHLON Day 2 Warmup- variation of a Skip-Rope; Process- 1.Gamification 2.Biomimic; Frame speed of the video - normal 24fps; Tomorrow: Trying a variation of the same variation with eyes shut. #livingmydream #lovingmydream.


# He wish to teaching women self-defence and learning how to farm.


# Sushant want to play a Cricket match left handed.


# Sushant once posted he want to “Make a ‘Cymatics’ music video in a ‘Mexican Cenote’ & near ‘Egyptian Sphinx’.” ( Context- Gaia theory, Study of visible sound, Vedas, Physics, Dimensions, matter, Water, Consciousness, Magnetism, Fracto- nonlinear resonance, gravity, shiva, anti-entropic, paradoxes, sacred geometry, Free point energy.


# wanted to go to Kedarnath to meditate.


# He wanted to stargaze at Roswell and watch ancient alien theory.


# He also wanted to spent a Day in CERN; a day in LEGO; a night in playboy Mansion.


The finest actor committed suicide last year. He had shared a list of his dreams, which remained unfulfilled for the finest actor.

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