Top iconic festival scenes from Bollywood movies

Directors have often shown the festival in their storytelling and used it as important backdrops

The holy Indian festivals and celebrations are a key part of Bollywood movies. These movies always portray the good’s victory over evil which is exactly what message Dussehra gives. Directors have often shown the festival in their storytelling and used it as important backdrops.

Today, we will list some of the prominent films that have used Dussehra celebrations-

1) Swades

The Dussehra celebration in Shah Rukh Khan's Swades found its place in the song Pal Pal hai Bhaari. This beautiful song shows that the actress Gayatri dressed up as Sita and enacting the scene from Ashok Vatika along with Raavan

2) Kalank

This films also features Dussehra and was Abhishek Verman’s multi-starrer Kalank. The scene shows Alia Bhatt meets Varun Dhawan and features a backdrop of Raavan effigy burning.

3) Marjaavaan
The climax scene of the movie shows the final faceoff between good and evil folds out during the Dussehra celebration.

4) Bajrangi Bhaijaan

In the song Tu Chahiye actors are seen prepping for Ramleela and Raavan Dahan. Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are in the scene.

5) Ra.One

Ra.One was the modern-day retelling of Ramayana with a sci-fi twist. The film’s antagonist Ra.One makes entry to real-life from a video game and is shown walking in the backdrop of burning Raavan effigy.

6) Delhi 6

The movie revolved around Delhi Chandani’s Chowk and one of the recurring themes of the movie was Ramlila and Dussehra and in one of the scenes, the characters are seen watching a theatrical depiction of Ramlila.

7) Prem Granth
The climax sequence of the movie shows the character Kajri taking revenge from one of her wrongdoers Roop Sahai by tying him to a Raavan effigy and sets the character on fire along with the effigy.

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