Cook spits on roti before serving at a wedding ceremony

So far it has not been confirmed where it is from.

From 'Powri ho rahi hai' to 'Shweta Zoom call', this week, social media has served us some amazing amusing viral videos. But not all viral video are funny, they can be disgusting as well. Connecting with the same, a video is also currently going viral of a wedding ceremony and for sure after watching this video, foodies are going to run far away from eating at wedding ceremonies.

At present, this video is being shared indiscriminately on social media. In this video, a person is making tandoori roti. The most surprising thing in this video is that this person is spitting on all the rotis and putting them in the oven. This is the most shocking and disgusting thing that is seen in this video clip.

Till now, whoever has seen this video is surprised and is unable to stop themselves from commenting on it. After watching it, almost all the viewers have only one question - Why this cook is doing such a nauseating job?

So far it has not been confirmed where it is from.

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