KanganaRanaut tests positive for COVID, says 'I'll demolish the virus'

The actress had termed COVID-19 a "small time flu", and is determined to "destroy" the virus from her body

Bollywood actress KanganaRanaut, 34,has tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday. She is well known for her controversial statement and tweets, which had led to suspension of her account earlier this week. She had taken Instagram to share the news with her followers.

She has been tested positive ahead of her trip to Himachal Pradesh. Kangana said "I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body."

She further wrote “I was feeling tired and weak with slight burning sensation in my eyes for past few days, was hoping to go to Himachal so got my test done yesterday and today the result came I am Covid positive.

Interesting thing is that that ‘Queen’ Actress had termed COVID-19 a "small time flu", which has already created much aggravation in social media and said that she is determined to "destroy" the virus from her body.

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