Bappi Lahiri: Music Composer lived his life king size!

It is claimed that Bappi Lahiri possessed 754 grams of gold

Celebrities, politicians and fans have been immersed in grief after they came to know about the demise of music maestro Bappi Lahiri. The music composer left the world on February 15.


Lahiri has given us great music to cherish that will stay with us forever. But apart from music, his maverick lifestyle has always made him the center of attraction.


He has churned out countless memorable songs but his love for gold has always put him in limelight. He used to wear loads of jewelry. It is claimed that Bappi Lahiri possessed 754 grams of gold. The total worth of the Lahiri is supposed to be around 22 crores. He was known to live a lavish life. He was very fond of cars. The music genius owned 5 luxurious cars, including BMW, Mercedes, among others. His garage is also studded with Tesla X, a luxurious car, worth rupees 55 lakhs.


He also bought a bungalow in Mumbai in 2001. The cost of that bungalow is estimated to be around 3 to 4 crores. He was also very expensive as far as his music is concerned. Reports are that he would charge 9 to 10 lakh for a song in films.


Well, the genius Musician has left us, but one thing is quite clear. Bappi Lahiri lived his life king size. He didn’t compromise with his luxuries and gold!

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