New music video released on the life of Dhaki in Durga Puja

Dhakis are the people in the puja pandal with large drums and thin sticks


Durga Puja is completely incomplete without the heart racing beats of the Dhaks who play ear soothing tunes on which we dance during the Durga Puja.


Dhakis are the people in the puja pandal with large drums and thin sticks. During the festive season, Dhakis in Bengal get to play their traditional drums in the puja pandals and win hearts.


To highlight the contribution of the Dhakis, a short musical video titled 'Uma Asche’ has been shot which shows the atmosphere of a Dhaki's little hut directed by Arindam Goswami.


The video shows a little boy inside the hut who represents the Dhaki community has become the victim of the Covid-19 pandemic. The boy thinks that he will not be able to play the Dhak during Durga Puja and is concerned about his paralyzed father and also the monetary problems of the family are shown.


Then all the solutions of his problems are answered by the deity herself.


The way the deity helps the boy is shown in the video ‘Uma Asche’.


In the video talented young actors like Ishan Ghosh (little boy), Priyangshi Barick(little Maa Durga) are present along with Kanad Banik playing the role of Paralyzed Father and Simran Bhattacharya can be seen playing the role of mother.

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