Rahul Gandhi in 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?

Viral pic has convinced Twitterati he has a girlfriend

In the digital era, many things used to go viral on internet. Now an image from popular ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, went viral where people are convinced that Rahul Gandhi has a girlfriend.

A picture of Gandhi supposedly holding Hollywood actor Dakota Johnson in his arms surfaced, many were left bewildered.

The picture that went viral is of 2015, EL James' erotic romance novels were adapted into three films featuring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Recently, after an image of the two main characters went viral, people find there is uncanny resemblance to Gandhi with Dornan.

The main post which went viral stated: "I showed this to mom and she asked Rahul Gandhi ki girlfriend kab ban gayi."

After that many people joined the trend as they think the same. The Twitter has flooded with comments.

Notably, Dornan is an award winning actor, model and musician hailing from Northern Ireland, and well known "for playing psychopathic characters".Previously also people compare between Gandhi and Dornan.

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