Ramayan's Ravan, Arvind Trivedi, dies at 82

Arvind Trivedi died on Tuesday night and his last rites will be performed on Wednesday

Television actor Arvind Trivedi, 82 year old and who is popularly known for his role of Raavan in played in Ramayan, died Tuesday night following a heart attack.
Ramayan co-star Sunil Lahiri who played Lakshman shared a picture on Instagram of the late actor and wrote early Wednesday morning, “Bahut dukhad Samachar hai ki Hamare Sabke Pyare Arvind bhai (Ravan of Ramayan) Ab Hamare bich Nahin Rahe Bhagwan Unki Atma ko Shanti De."
Sunil Lahiri added that he is speechless and also wrote that he lost father figure as well as his well wisher.
A report by ABP said the actor was not well and was even unable to walk.
ABP report had cited the actor’s nephew Kaustubh Trivedi as saying, “Uncle was unwell for past few years. Things only worsened over the past three years."
He also said that Arvind had to be admitted to the hospital a several times.
Kaustubh added that the actor came back from the hospital last month and on Tuesday, he suffered a heart attack around 9.30 at night.
The popular actor breath his last at his Kandivali residence in Mumbai.
Kaustubh further informed that Arvind’s last rites will be performed on Wednesday morning, around 8 AM.
A fake news about Arvind’s death had  been circulated earlier this year and Lahiri confirmed that he was fine.
Lahiri shared a picture on his Instagram handle earlier in May 2021 and wrote, “Nowadays, we are inundated with bad news because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this time, it was fake news about Arvind Trivedi ji (Raavan)."
Lahiri also requested to stop spreading such false rumours and added that  "God’s grace, Arvind ji is fine and I pray that God always keeps him healthy.”
Ramayan was wrote, directed and produced by Ramanand Sagar which first aired on Doordarshan in 1987.
The show re-run on the small screen after the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown was announced last year in 2020.

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