Big B's family priest beaten up by police at Vindhyachal Temple

Three policemen saw surrounding the priest as locals try to stop the clash.

Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan's family priest was caught in a fight with the police in Vindhyavansini temple in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday.

The clash erupted after the police escorted Chandauli District Magistrate and his family from the temple as they performed prayers despite the weekend lockdown.

After seeing the Magistrate, the priests also expressed their willingness to perform the puja, which was opposed by the police officers on spot.

The Magistrate of Chandauli reached the temple on Saturday morning with the police. Amit Pandey, the family priest of Amitabh Bachchan also reached the temple with other priests to perform the puja but they were opposed by the police. Which further erupted the clash, and the police beaten up the priest.

Amit Pandey have performed puja for the Bachchan family as well as for the Gandhi family.

Sumit Pandey the brother of the priest said,"Police deliberately did this. Protesting priests are also implicated in false cases. We are very respected in the community."

Sanjay Verma the Additional Superintendent of Police denied from the incident and said no police officers escorted any official from the temple.

Superintendent further added,"A priest performed darshan puja and when Amit Pandey started taking other visitors for the darshan puja, police opposed."

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