Crypto Market: Bitcoin, Dogecoin trade flat; Ether jumps 4%

Cryptocurrency rates continue to be in the mix territory on Thursday.

The global cryptocurrency market prices continue to trade in the mix territory on Wednesday. Globally, the crypto market cap is USD 1.35 trillion, a 2.21 per cent increase over the last day. While the total cryptocurrency market volume over the last 24 hours was USD 64.89 billion, which was a 7.37 per cent increase.

The world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, Bitcoin has seen high volatility this year. At present Bitcoin's price is currently USD 32,365, lower at 0.44 percent over the day.

While, Ether rose up nearly 4 per cent to USD 1993 over the day. And, Dogecoin priced at USD 0.1972, lower at 1.61 per cent over the day.

The volume of all stable coins is now USD 51.84 billion that is 79.89 per cent of the total crypto market 24-hour volume.

Here are the latest prices of popular cryptocurrencies:


1. Bitcoin : USD 32,767, 24-hour change: 0.44 per cent


2. Ether : USD 1,993, 24-hour change: 4.16 per cent


3. Dogecoin : USD 0.1972, 24-hour change: 1.61 per cent


4. XRP : USD 0.6176, 24-hour change: 1.01 per cent


5. USD Coin : USD 1.00, 24-hour change: 0.03 per cent


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