Fuel prices hiked for second consecutive day

Fuel prices have been increased for a second consecutive day by the oil marketing companies.

Fuel prices have hit a fresh record after state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) hiked for the second consecutive day despite a fall in global crude oil prices.


Petrol and diesel price was increased by 35 paise and 9 paise respectively on Thursday. Though, the hike in diesel prices was lower in comparison to petrol but prices are already high across the country.


After today’s hike, in national's capital Delhi the petrol is retailing at rupees 100.56 per litre and diesel at rupees 89.62 per litre.


In the business capital Mumbai, the petrol costs rupees 106.59 per litre and diesel rupees 97.18 per litre.


In Kolkata and Chennai, petrol is retailing at rupees 100.62 per litre and rupees 101.37 per litre respectively. While the diesel is retailing at rupees 92.65 per litre and rupees 94.15 per litre, respectively.


Petrol and diesel differ from state to state to city depending on the local taxes such as VAT and freight charges.


This is the 36th hike since May and 6th in this month. At present, the petrol has increased by rupees 9.87 and diesel by rupees 8.63 across the nation.


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