Fuel prices increased again today, petrol crosses Rs 114 mark in Mumbai

Fuel rates were hiked for the second consecutive day on Thursday and records another high record across the country


The petrol and diesel prices hiked for the second consecutive day on Thursday that took pump rates across the country to record high levels


Petrol and diesel rates were increased between 35-40 paise per litre each pushing the rates to a new high record across the country.


According to a price notification by State-controlled oil marketing companies (OMCs), the price of petrol in the national capital rose to rupees 108.29 per litre and diesel retails at rupees 97.02 per litre.


Citizens in Mumbai have to shell out rupees 114.14 for per litre of petrol and diesel now costs at rupees 105.12 and holds the record of the highest price of fuel in across all the metro cities.


Petrol in Kolkata cost rupees 108.78 per litre and, diesel cost at rupees 100.14 per litre.


In Chennai, the price of petrol increased to rupees 105.13 a litre, and diesel costs rupees 101.25 a litre.


The petrol and diesel prices differ from state to state, depending on the local taxes, VAT and freight charges.


According to the IANS report , diesel prices have now increased for 25 times in the last 33 days, petrol prices have also risen 22 times in the previous 29 days.

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