Fuel prices remain unchanged for over a week in India

The fuel rates continue to stay firm for the eighth day across the country on Monday.

Amidst the fall in global oil prices and two marginal revisions this month made by state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs), the rates of petrol and diesel remain unchanged for the straight eight days and continue to remain at record all-time high prices in all metro cities.


According to the latest price released by OMCs, consumers of petrol in national capital, Delhi will have to pay rupees 101.19 per litre while diesel will be paying rupees 88.62 per litre.


In Mumbai, petrol retails at rupees 107.26 per litre and diesel at rupees 96.19 for a litre.


Both the auto fuel rates in Maharashtra’s capital city remain the highest among the four metro cities andalso it is the first city to breach rupees 100-mark.


While, the price of petrol in Chennai costs rupees 98.96 and diesel at rupees 93.26.


The fuel rates in Kolkata stands at rupees 101.62 per litre of petrol and rupees 91.71 per litre of diesel.


Besides metros cities, the petrol rates have crossed rupees 100 mark in several cities. In Bhopal, consumers have to pay rupees 109.63 for a litre of petrol, and rupees 97.57 a litre of diesel.


The fuel rates vary across India due to several factors such as, freight charges, VAT, excise duties and others local taxes.


The revision of rates is based on the average price of benchmark crude oil in the international market in the prior to 14 days rates and foreign exchange prices.


In the global markets, the fuel rates rose on Monday to a one-week high in a second straight session.


The Brent crude oil futures surges by 0.7 percent to USD 73.40 a barrel, while the US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude also surged by 0.7 percent to USD 70.21 a barrel.

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