Fuel rates remain unchanged today

Petrol and diesel prices are steady across the country on June 28

Petrol and diesel prices have been hiked 15 times this month. According to a data by the Indian Oil Corporation, the petrol and diesel prices are stable across the country on Monday, June 28.

The hike on June 27 took the fuel rates to fresh heights across the country with many cities crossing rupees 100 litre mark.

In last two months with 31 hikes the price of petrol has risen by rupees 8.06 per litre and diesel by rupees 8.37 per litre.

In the national capital Delhi, petrol and diesel rates are stable at rupees 98.46 per litre and rupees 88.90 per litre respectively.

Whereas in financial capital Mumbai, petrol rates are at Rs 104.56 per litre and diesel prices are at Rs 96.42 per litre.

All over the country, the petrol and diesel retail prices varied depending on the value-added tax and local taxes in different states.


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