Google may invest that may run 'several thousands of crores' into Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is expecting to raise capital to invest on its 4G networks across the country


Bharti Airtel may receive an huge investment from Google soon which could run into several thousands of crores, as per reports.


The media reports said that both the giant companies are already in progressive stage of discussions and negotiations since last year.


These reports indicated the investment from Google into Airtel can be quite a giant amount.


It remains to be seen what are the fundamental dynamics because the Jio and Google collaboration might have come with a restriction for the latter to invest in any of its rival firms, including Airtel or Vodafone Idea (Vi).


Google had invested rupees 34,000 crore into Jio Platforms.


Bharti Airtel is already looking forward to raise capital so that it can invest it on its 4G networks around the country to breach its capacity.


Telecom Talk reported that Jefferies believes that since there's no urgent need of raising cash, the telcom is likely assuming that it will need a gaianr capacity network to hold all the Vi customers that come its way.


Therefore, this investment from Google into the telecom company can set up a lot of things in order.


This major investment will let Bharti Airtel to smoothly pay off its debt to the government and can also keep investing in 4G and 5G networks.

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