Petrol, diesel prices hiked for the fifth straight day

The fuels were hiked on Sunday, petrol prices hit the all time fresh high after rising by 35 paise

The fuel rates were increased for the fifth straight day across the country on Sunday.


The latest hike that follows the continuous rise in international oil rates which has pushed the pump rates to their highest levels.


The petrol prices was increased by 35 paise which took petrol prices to rupees 107.59 per litre in Delhi and diesel was raised by the same amount to rupees 96.32 per litre.


Petrol and diesel retails at rupees 113.46 per litre and rupees 104.38 per litre respectively, in Mumbai.


In Kolkata, petrol retails a rupees 108.11 per litre and diesel cost rupees 99.43 per litre.


While in Chennai, petrol.qnd diesel per litre cost at rupees 104.52 and rupees 100.59 respectively .


The costliest fuel across India retails in the border town of Ganganagar in Rajasthan, where petrol cost at rupees 119.79 and diesel for rupees 110.63 a litre.


The fuel prices can from state to state, depending on the local VAT and freight charges. .


The total rise in price of petrol since May 5, 2020 amounts to rupees.98 per litre and d rates havegone up by rupees 26.58 a litre.


The cenrral government has increased the excise duty on petrol and diesel to clear up the gains that would have otherwise followed to consumers from international oil rates crashing to the lowest of USD 19 per barrel.

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