Petrol hikes above Rs 100 in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

With the recent hike, petrol has inched towards rupees 100 per litre in Delhi and Kolkata

Petrol and diesel prices was hiked for the second day straight on July 5 by oil marketing companies.

Petrol price was up 35 paise since yesterday and diesel by 36 paise. Fuel prices have been hiked 34 times since May 4 and thrice in the month of July.

Delhi and Kolkata were the only metro cities where petrol and diesel prices remained below 100 rupees mark. Petrol rates remained above rupees 100 per litre in other metro cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune.

In national's capital Delhi, petrol price stands at rupees 99.90 per litre and diesel at rupees 89.40 per litre. While in Kolkata, petrol retails at rupees 99.88 per litre and diesel price at Rs 92.31 per litre.

In nation's business capital Mumbai, petrol prices reached an all-time high of rupees 105. 95  per litre and diesel at rupees 96.95 per litre .

In Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai, petrol retails at rupees 100.78 per litre, while diesel at rupees 93.94 per litre.

Fuel prices varies from state to state depending on the value-added tax (VAT), freight charges and other local charges.

Oil companies revise rates of petrol and diesel on daily basis on the average price of benchmark fuel in the international market and foreign exchange rates.

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