Petrol price hiked accross India after over two months

Petrol prices was hiked by 20 paise on September 28 in Delhi, while rate of Diesel was up for the fourth straight day



The rates of petrol were increased by oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Tuesday after more over two months while Diesel price was up for the fourth straight day.


Petrol rates hiked by 19 to 25 paise per litre across India and diesel rate also increased by 24 to 27 paise per litre.


Petrol is presently sold for rupees 101.39 per litre and diesel at rupees 89.57.


The previous surge took place 73 days ago when petrol raised to an all-time high of rupees 101.84.


In India's financial capital, the rates if petrol is still the highest across all the metro cities, standing at a staggering rupees 107.47 per litre. Diesel in the Mumbai costs rupees 97.21 per litre.


In Kolkata, petrol is up by 25 paise and now sold at rupees 101.87 per litre, and petrol retails at rupees 99.15 per litre in Chennai.


Diesel costs rupees 92.67 per litre and rupees 94.17 per litre in Kolkata and Chennai, respectively.


The blunt increase in domestic fuel rates comes after global crude oil rallied for the sixth consecutive day as supply concerns remain.


Benchmark Brent crude oil has hit its three-year-high record, crossing USD 80 per barrel.


Petrol and Diesel rates are fixed on the basis of freight charges, VAT and other local taxes.

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