Petrol Price to Touch Rs 105 per Litre in Mumbai

The rise in fuel prices across India are attributed to the rupee-dollar exchange rate and the international crude oil price

After a day’s gap, petrol and diesel rates across the nation have seen another spike in prices June 29.

Petrol prices is hiked up by 34-35 paise and diesel by 28-30 paise on Tuesday.

As rates are incresing, the major metro cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai sets another high record.

Petrol and diesel in major Indian cities such as Mumbai costs almost twice as much as in New York. The record-high fuel prices are leaving some car owners unable to afford the cost of using their vehicles.

In national capital, petrol rates hit an all-time high of rupees 98.81 per litre while diesel retailed at rupees 88.18 per litre.

The recent hike took the petrol price to nearly rupees 105 in Mumbai as it is retailing at rupees 104.90 a litre in the city and diesel at rupees 96.72 per litre.

The latest increase pushed the price of petrol in Chennai is at rupees 99.80 per litre and of diesel at rupees 93.72 per litre.

In West Bengal's capital Kolkata, price of petrol reaches at rupees 98.64 per litre and diesel to rupees 92.03 per litre.

The fuel prices varies from state to state depending on the local taxes such as VAT and freight charges. Rajasthan imposes highest VAT and freight charges on petrol and diesel in the country.


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