Petrol Prices touch all-time high in India

Diesel rates remain unchanged for five straight days while petrol crossing rupees 100 mark in various cities.

Prices of petrol was hiked again on Saturday taking fuel prices in India to a historic high, while the diesel rates remain unchanged for five straight days.

Petrol prices crossed rupees 100 per litre mark in Chennai and various parts of Punjab and Kerala. Whereas the national capital and Kolkata are the only two metro cities which haven't crossed the rupees 100 per litre mark.

Petrol prices in Delhi to rupees 99.22 per litre and in Kolkata rupees 99.10 per litre. Petrol price increased to rupees 100.13 per litre in Chennai.

Petrol prices in Mumbai hit an all-time high of rupees 105.30 per litre with the fresh increase in the price.

Mumbai became the first city in the country where petrol was being sold at over the rupees 100 per litre mark on May 29.

The increase in petrol price 34th in two months and took prices across the country to fresh highs whereas diesel prices remain unchanged.

The prices in different cities and states vary and depend upon the Value Added Tax (VAT) and other local taxes that state and central governments are charging for fuel.

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