Petrol rates reduce by 20 paise; diesel becomes cheaper

Even when the petrol and diesel rates have saw a drop today, they are breaching at an all-time high across the nation.

The fuel prices have changed on August 22, 2021, after remaining unaltered on Saturday.


The state-run oil marketing companies(OMCs) have cut down the rates of petrol and diesel on Sunday even though the fuel rates are breaching at all-time high across the nation.


The petrol prices were cut down by 15 to 20 paise per litre and diesel prices also slashed by 18 to 20 paise on Sunday.


The petrol prices decreased by 20 paise a litre after it remained steady for over a month. Whereas, the diesel rates were also slipped by 20 paise per litre across the country on August 22, 2021.


In the national capital Delhi, petrol is retailing at rupees 101.64 per litre while diesel is rupees 89.07 a litre.


In India's financial hub Mumbai, who became the first metro city where the petrol price crossed the rupees100-a-litre mark.


Today, petrol costs in Mumbai is at rupees 107.66 per litre and diesel retails at rupees 96.64 a litre.


In Chennai, the petrol costs at rupees 99.32 per litre and diesel is available at rupees 93.66 a litre. It is to be mentioned that the state ruling government has recently announced a tax cut of rupees 3 per litre on petrol in its first budget session.


The fuel rates in Kolkata where petrol is available at rupees 101.93 per litre and the diesel retails at rupees 92.13 a litre.

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