Taliban halted Export & Imports From India, Says Exporters Body

FIEO is keeping a close watch on developments in Afghanistan



Taliban have terminated imports and exports with India after entering Kabul and seizing the powers of the country on Sunday.


The Federation of Indian Export Organisation's (FIEO) Director General (DG), Dr Ajay Sahai told ANI that at the moment, the Taliban militants has halt the movement of cargo through the transit routes of Pakistan, thereby terminating imports from the country.


Sahai told ANI that FIEO is keeping a close watch on developments in Afghanistan.


India has well established relations with Afghanistan, especially in trade and even has a large investment in Afghanistan.


FIEO DG stated that India is among one of the largest partners of Afghanistan and exports to Afghanistan are worth nearly USD 835 million for 2021.


He said that India had imported goods worth around USD 510 Million. But apart from the trade, the country have a sizeable investment in Afghanistan.


Sahai said, "We have invested around USD 3 billion in Afghanistan and there are 400-odd projects in Afghanistan some of which are currently going on."


Sahai said that Indian export profile at present includes sugar, pharmaceuticals, apparel, tea, coffee, spices and transmission towers. Whereas, imports are largely dependent on dry fruits.


FIEO DG said, "We also import a little gum and onions from them."


Besides, the fast-changing situation in Afghanistan, FIEO DG is hopeful and confident about trade relations with Afghanistan.


FIEO expresses concern that dry fruit rates may go up in upcoming days due to the disruption in Afghanistan as it is imports around 85 percent of dry fruits from Afghanistan.

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