Tech Mahindra partners StaTwig for COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

The Tech Mahindra and StaTwig collaboration aims to roll out blockchain-based traceability solutions for global vaccine delivery.

IT company Tech Mahindra on Monday said it has collaborated with StaTwig which is a Singapore and Hyderabad based digital supply chain solution provider to implement vaccine 'VaccineLedger' globally.


According to a statement, the Tech Mahindra and StaTwig collaboration aims to roll out a blockchain based traceability solution for global vaccine global vaccine delivery


This collaboration also aims to predict and prevent failures in supply chains including problems related to expired vaccines, stock out and counterfeiting.


The companies will also work towards building global association of vaccine researchers, pharma companies, distributors and healthcare workers.


VaccineLedger is an open platform which is designed to perform end-to-end traceability at vial level for vaccines in the global delivery.


It will also prevent the need of replacing the existing system. Therefore, it will remove the barriers of adoption.


VaccineLedger can effortlessly coordinate with existing systems and will show immediate results in the countries where it is deployed.


The Chief Executive and the Founder of StaTwig, Sid Chakravarthy said that with VaccineLedger they are aiming to redesign and re-engineer the traditional supply chain information systems to give continuous visibility and complete traceability.


Sid Chakravarthy further said ,“With VaccineLedger, vaccine manufacturers and governments can work together to prevent counterfeiting, cold-chain failures and stockouts.”


StaTwig is a UNICEF Innovation Fund Portfolio startup and it is the World Economic Forum Global Innovator who focuses on solving supply chain issues on its information systems.

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