Vadilal ice-creams: From selling soda to a Rs 650 Crore Ice Cream Empire

They opened its first ice cream outlet in the year 1926

One of the famous ice-cream company Vadilal, began their humble journey in Gujarat in 1907 which is even before India attained independence. They started making ice creams using the traditional Kothi method. A method in which a hand-operated machine was used to churn milk, ice and salt. Currently, the company offers over 200 different flavours of ice cream. In the year 1907, Vadilal Gandhi, a resident of Ahmedabad founded this brand. He initially started by selling soda and gradually added ice cream as well. Later, a small but fast-growing business was Inherited by Ranchod Lal Gandhi, who was Vadilal Gandhi’s son. It was under Ranchod Lal Gandhi’s leadership that Vadilal started to focus more on ice creams. They opened its first ice cream outlet in the year 1926. In the same year, an ice cream making machine was imported from Germany. Meanwhile, by the time of India’s independence, Vadilal had opened nearly four outlets across the city. Then in early ’70s, Ramchandra and Laxman Gandhi, sons of Ranchod Lal Gandhi, joined the business, the company had grown to ten outlets in Ahmedabad. The company always seems to have a warm and unique relationship with its customers. Another main reason for their development is that the ice creams were 100 per cent vegetarian and were suitable for consumption even during religious fasting periods After being established in Gujarat the company started looking for ways to expand into other states. They started its expansion in 1985 and by 1990s the fourth generation of the Gandhi family had joined the business. Tthe three sons of Ramchandra Gandhi, Virendra, Rajesh and Shailesh Gandhi and Laxman Gandhi’s son Devanshu Gandhi also joined the business. In the year 1990 the company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange under the name Vadilal Industries Ltd. However, a split in the family resulted in two names getting listed on the BSE. Presently, a revenue of Rs 650 cores in financial year 2019-20, the company continues its legacy. In the year November 2001, Vadilal broke its record and featured in the Limca Book of Records by making ‘The Largest Ice Cream Sundae’. Presently, a slice of their famous Cassata ice cream, the family pack of the Rajbhog flavoured ice cream is some of the best ice-creams of the company.

Abirbhab Haldar

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