COVID Delta variant 'Fittest and fastest', infecting fully vaccinated: Experts

Delta variant of Covid-19 is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people at a greater rate than previous versions.

The Delta variant of noble coronavirus which was first identified in India remains the biggest concern as nations loosen restrictions and open their economies.


The major worry about the Delta variant is not that it makes people sicker, but that it is far more transmissible, increasing infections and hospitalizations among the unvaccinated.


According to virologists and epidemiologists there are clear evidence that Delta variant of Covid-19 is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people at a greater rate than previous versions and experts have already warned of the next wave of pandemic.


Microbiologist Sharon Peacock said,“The biggest risk to the world at the moment is simply Delta.”


Microbiologist Sharon Peacock runs Britain's efforts to sequence the genomes of coronavirus variants and calls it the "fittest and fastest variant yet."


Until there is more data on its transmission, experts suggests to wear masks, maintain social distancing and other measures set aside in countries with broad vaccination campaigns may be needed again.


In Britain, Delta variant was found in 58.3 per cent unvaccinated cases and 22.8 per cent were fully vaccinated cases .


In Singapore, where Delta is the most common variant, 75 per cent of its cases occurred among vaccinated individuals.


In the United States, the Delta variant represents about 83 per cent of new infections and so far, unvaccinated people represent nearly 97 per cent of severely infected cases.


The Pfizer covid vaccine which is one of the most effective against the contagious virus that appeared only 41 per cent effective at halting symptomatic infections in Israel over the last one month as the Delta variant spread.


A study in China found that people infected with the Delta variant of the contagious Covid-19 carries thousand times more virus in their noses compared with the ancestral Wuhan strain.


Microbiologist Peacock said,“You may actually excrete more virus and that’s why it’s more transmissible. That’s still being investigated.”


Genomics expert Eric Topol noted that Delta variant infections have a shorter incubation period and a far higher amount of viral or transmissible particles.


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