COVID vulnerability may surge in Oct-Nov: Union Govt

Several theories earlier stated that the third wave may hit the country during that time

Without mentioning the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the threats of which are emerging at large in India, the union government on Thursday said that the India's Covid vulnerability may surge in October and November.


Several theories earlier stated that the third wave may hit the country during that time.


Although, with over 62 percent of the population have been partially vaccinated, the situation may be different from the first and the second wave of the pandemic.


The Niti Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul during the press meet of the Union health ministry said that upcoming 2-3 months are crucial as whenever any surge is seen anywhere in the India, it has to be controlled immediately.


Dr Paul said October, November are the most crucial months, on the question of surging vulnerability of the virus later this year.


Dr VK Paul said that there are several informative data regarding this in the public domain name these months are also the of festivities and flu, so they have to exercise special caution regarding these two months.


Dr Paul said adding that festivities have to be kept at a low key and if even there is any small surge, it should not be allowed to grow.


For the time being, the aim will be on preventing the spread of the virus through social distancing and vaccination.


While, managing on the other hand must be rising their capacity to handle any future rise.


Dr Paul also added that now they know better how to provide care and treatment in home isolation.


The coronavirus situation in the country is stabilising with the weekly positivity rate for the last 11 weeks is below 3 percent.


The word of caution from the central government comes amidst reports of antibodies dropping massively within four months of the vaccination shot.


A recent reservation of 614 fully vaccinated health workers in the country revealed that within four months of the first dose of the vaccine as there is a huge drop in antibodies.

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