Covishield vaccine reduces fresh infections by 93%: Study

The study was largely conducted on healthy males and frontline workers of Indian with few comorbid illnesses.


The vaccine against thw contagious virus Covid-19 manufactured by the Serum Institute of India, Covishield has reduced fresh cases of the disease by 93 per cent and reduced related deaths by 98 per cent.


Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) on Tuesday published the Vaccine effectiveness among healthcare and frontline workers of Indian Armed Forces (Vin-WIN) set study in Medical Journal Armed Forces India, a observation reviewed scientific journal.


At a press briefing, Dr VK Paul who is a Niti Aayog member (health) said that the study was conducted on 1.5 million doctors and frontline workers.


While presenting the findings of the study, Niti Aayog member Dr Paul said, “Protection to the extent of 93% was seen (in people who were administered the Covishield vaccine) and this was during the second wave which was driven by the Delta variant of Covid-19... also 98%mortality reduction was seen."


The study was widely conducted on healthy males with few comorbid illnesses. Adding that , children and the aged people were not included in the study.


The study is possibly the largest study worldwide on noble coronavirus vaccine effectiveness so far.


Reportedly, in the Vin-WIN study the authors calculated the incident rate as well as the incident rate ratios and vaccine effectiveness was calculated as a one-incident ratio.


The AFMS, director general said that the study was carried out on un-named data from the existing Armed Forces health surveillance system which had been enhanced for monitoring the contagious Covid-19.


The Defense Ministry mentioned that the surveillance system had the data about the daily vaccinations with first and second doses, dates of testing positive for coronavirus and related deaths which were analysed.

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