Five podcasts suggestions that may help you survive COVID gloom

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Are you already done with covid gloom and social distancing and stayed in lockdown?

Here are some suggestion to cheer you up even in this gloomy days. Let’s have a look and keep your mood blues at bay.

For your parents


# Mom and Dad are fighting

Slate’s long running parenting podcasts. Hosts and journalist Dan Kois and Jamilah Lemieux are not childrearing experts, but they are a pair of relatable parents and journalists! who each episode share their triumphs and—often more importantly—fails in parenting. Recently, they have been sharing stories and strategies about taking care of and even educating kids aged from toddlers to teens while working from home.

For your kids

# The kids are all home

This new podcast from Pineapple Street Studios is designed by kids for kids stuck at home because of COVID-19 school closures. The creators solicited homemade podcasts from kids all around the world offering tips on how to stay safe, the activities they will do with and even snack ideas. They’re imploring episodes from around the world—which could be a fun and productive parent-child activity to pass the time.

For your knowledge

# Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction

CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, dispels misinformation about COVID-19 and provides the crucial updates that people need to figure out how to go about their lives safely. The episodes are about 10 minutes each, which makes them an easy listen.

For your past time

# home cooking


Bored in lockdown? Salt Fat Acid Heat cookbook author and chef Samin Nosrat and veteran podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway are joining up to answer all your quarantine cooking questions. So, you can now have a hobby.

For your mental health

# The Brain Architects

Mental wellness is utmost necessary. Lockdown and covid takes a toll at our mental health. To support our mental health at this time, especially when caring for young children or other family members. In this episode of The Brain Architects, talk about what mental health professionals all over the world are doing to help take care of our societies in the midst of the pandemic, and how they’re preparing for the challenges that come next.

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