Furry friends in danger as 'Parvovirus' steps in

Several dogs in Chennai have witnessed symptoms like bloody diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and loss of appetite.

Just like infants, our dear furry friends are also delicate. After the emergence of COVID-19, the scientists not only got worried about us, but a bit more for our pets.


However, as of now, the pandemic did not create such havoc amongst the dogs and other pets which certainly gave a sigh of relief to the owners and pet lovers. But still with the rapid developments of COVID variants, anything can happen.


Recently, several dogs in Chennai have witnessed symptoms like bloody diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite and etc. With such rising similar symptoms in dogs, all the veterinary doctors have becom cautious.


The state veterinary university has confirmed the presence of a highly contagious canine 'parvovirus' among dogs. It is as dangerous as coronavirus has been in human beings.


In just 3-4 weeks, the cases are increasing rapidly in the state which are resulting in deaths too. According to reports, Chennai now records an average of 250 cases daily of parvovirus.


In such a small period, the spike in cases are raising questions as well. The first question strikes - how all of a sudden in just a few weeks parvovirus got boost in Chennai? Can it be transmitted to human beings?


These basic questions have real worries that do make sense. But to clear a few things out, parvovirus is only contagious between dogs, humans and other species cannot be contaminated. However, anyone can transmit the virus if they come into contact with an infected pet or areas.


However, it's a dangerous call if the so-called 'parvovirus' symptoms turn out to be of yet another variant of COVID-19 amongst the pets.


Meanwhile, to stop the emergence of parvo into an epidemic, The Basant Nagar hospital has begun conducting a series of free vaccination drives for 500 puppies and three other viral infections.


Parvovirus is itself not a easy-to-take disease. Its victims hardly survive a week and generally die due to dehydration. A proper cure or medication is still not available for this virus, so it is advised to vaccinate the dogs accurately.

Sakchi Khandelwal

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