Govt launches X-Ray Setu to detect COVID via X-Ray

Doctor uploads chest X-ray on Whatsapp bot of X-Ray Setu which analyses it and gives report in 10-15 minutes.

Artificial intelligence-based X-Ray Setu, which operates through Whatsapp, plans to onboard 10,000 doctors in small towns and rural areas where RT-PCR tests and CT-scans are not available to detect COVID-19 cases, a senior official of AI and robotics body Artpark said.

Non-profit organisation Artpark CEO Umakant Soni told PTI that X-Ray Setu, developed in collaboration with start-up Niramai and Indian Institute of Science (IISc), detects COVID-19 with the help of simple X-ray which is processed using an AI system in the backend without charging any fee at present.

The chest X-ray of a person is uploaded by the doctor or radiologist on Whatsapp bot of X-Ray setu which analyses the image and generates a report in 10-15 minutes.

Soni said that the technology has been operational since last one week and 500 doctors have come on board to use it.

Niramai founder, CEO and CTO Geetha Manjunath said X-Ray Setu aims at creating an ecosystem for affordable and rapid screening in rural areas, for lung infections like COVID, pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.

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