Hajj 2021 cancelled for second straight year

The Hajj Committee under the Ministry of Minority Affairs made the decision.

In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic across the world, the Hajj Committee of India has decided that no Muslim from India will travel to Saudi Arabia to take part in the Islamic practice of performing Hajj.

In an official notice issued on Tuesday, the Hajj Committee under the Ministry of Minority Affairs stated that all the applications for Hajj-2021 stands cancelled.

"The Ministry of Haj and Umrah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a statement informing that due to Corona pandemic conditions 'the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to allow citizens and residents inside the Kingdom of Sausi Arabia only to attend Haj 1442 in limited numbers. International Haj has been cancelled."

Earlier this month, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) had announced that it will restrict the annual Hajj pilgrimage to a relatively smaller gathering of 60,000.

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