Kolkata fake COVID vaccination camps: Police arrest 3 more aides of mastermind

Meanwhile, three more cases were registered against Deb at the Kasba police station

Three more associates of fake IAS officer Debanjan Deb of infamous fake vaccination case of Kolkata were arrested on Saturday morning.

Two of the associates were guarantors of the bank account that was created in the name of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) by the accused. The third person, who was on the payroll of Deb, had actively taken part in the camps where several people were "inoculated" by fake vaccines.

One of the accused is a resident of Salt Lake, while another is from Barasat. Both were called for questioning before they were arrested. The third person is a resident of Taltala, was arrested after police found him to be "very active" in helping organising the camps.

Meanwhile, three more cases were registered against Deb at the Kasba police station. First from a private firm which claimed to have given him about Rs 1.2 lakh to get around 172 employees vaccinated lodged a complaint at the Kasba police station. Another complaint was lodged by a contractor who claimed to have paid him Rs 90 lakh to get the tender for the construction of a stadium. The third complaint was filed by a pharma company that paid him Rs 4 lakh to get a tender.

Deb was arrested on Wednesday for posing as an IAS officer and organising fake vaccination camp in the Kasba area, where actor and Trinamool Congress MP Mimi Chakraborty also got her jab.

Further investigations revealed that Deb also conducted another vaccination camp at a college in the north Kolkata's Amherst Street area where several teachers and students took the vaccine.

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