Man chews snake to keep 'COVID at bay' in Tamil Nadu

The accused was arrested and Rs 7000 fine was imposed

The people are already worried about the surging corona cases in country for last few months and have been trying many things in order to keep the virus at bay. Some people used to buy OTC medicines, some trying Ayurvedic and many others placebo methods in order to fight against virus, without taking any advice from registered medical practitioner and sometimes from social media post.

Now, going by extreme, a man from Perumapatty, Tamil Nadu was seen chewing on a dead common krait, a poisonous snake. He claims that snakes are a good COVID-19 antidote. In a viral video captured by forest department, the man identified as Vadivelu, a50-year-old agriculture worker, said he consumed snakes to protect himself from the coronavirus.

The forest department arrested the accused from Madurai district on Thursday, after his video went viral on internet and also imposed a fine of Rs 7,000 on him.

The DFO said that the accused has claimed that a few men compelled him to eat the snake. He was drunk at the time of the incident.

The man chewed the snake that was already dead but was fortunate that he did not bite into the venom gland of the snake contains neurotoxins that can paralyse a human being.

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