Medical oxygen from Honeywell technology has saved 120,000 lives in India

Patented technology of US firm which collaborated with the DRDO last month is expected to save more lives in July-August.

US based firm Honeywell UOP, is supplying the raw materials in India for producing medical grade oxygen, which has already saved the lives of approximately 120,000 Covid-19 patients in India.


Another 66,500 Indian patients are expected to recover from Covid-19 in July-August with the help of oxygen produced from zeolite which is a “medical oxygen adsorbent” that Honeywell UOP produces at a plant in Italy.


The firm makes an estimate that 10 kilos of zeolite produce is enough oxygen to save one Covid-19 patient’s life.


The firm has already delivered 1,200 tonnes of zeolite to India by the end of June and is on track to supply another 665 tonnes in July and August.


India does not have a shortage of oxygen but most oxygen manufacturering plants are based in East of India and distribution poses logistical issues.


The oxygen needs to be transported in cryogenic tankers and then filled in oxygen cylinders.While the zoolite process will provide a good way to supply oxygen to the hospitals.


Instead of depending on oxygen to be delivered in liquid form or in oxygen cylinders, the zoolite process will allow medical oxygen plants to be manufacture in the immediate domain of Covid-19 hospitals.


To set up such medical oxygen plants, Honeywell UOP announced a collaboration with the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and the Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR–IIP).


Honeywell invented the first zeolite materials in the 1940s which is highly porous crystalline material, with tiny molecular-sized pores. To which, extracts oxygen from natural air by separating the nitrogen.


The firm is also providing renewable fuels technology which develops in India to different industries especially in the oil refining and petrochemicals sectors.

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