Nasal vaccines protect against COVID?

Experts says that nasal vaccine will help to prevent the severity of Covid-19 infection as it will actually block the infection.

Nasal vaccines which are under trial worldwide are believed to be more effective than intramuscular vaccines.


As nasal vaccines are supposed to provide mucosal immunity in the nose which is one of the entry points of the contagious Covid-19 virus.


The current vaccines are intramuscular vaccines and that is why they do not guarantee that the noble coronavirus will not enter the body but they assure is that the infection will not become severe after vaccination.


Experts and researchers believe that the combination of an intramuscular vaccine and a nasal vaccine can be a gamechanger.


The expert team of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation has suggested a trial of combining Bharat Biotech's Covaxin and an nasal vaccine where the subjects will be provided with the first shot of intramuscular vaccine and the second shot of a nasal vaccine.


There are seven nasal vaccines which are under clinical trial worldwide. Bharat Biotech is one of those seven nasal vaccines.


While, other vaccines are under trial by Oxford University, Altimmune, University of Hong Kong, Meissa Vaccines, Codagenix and Cuba's Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.


Bharat Biotech's Dr Raches Ella recently shared a research material of the nasal vaccines that are under clinical trials and said that intranasal vaccines may overcome the shortfalls in intramuscular vaccines.


Dr Raches Ella tweeted, "Perhaps the ideal mode of protection (against disease and infection) might require IgA (mucosal) + IgG (systemic) + Memory B/T cells. If achieved, we may limit transmission."


An intranasal vaccine summons all three kinds of responses in a human body, while intramuscular vaccines can't stop the contagious infection from entering the body.


Bharat Biotech's founder Krishna Ella has said they is expecting significant data about intranasal vaccines in the next two and half months.


As Covid-19 vaccination is going on across the world and cases of breakthrough infections are also being reported, it is now clear that intramuscular vaccines from across the world can prevent the severity of Covid-19 infection.


But, intramuscular vaccines do not guarantee future protection from the contagious Covid-19 infection and that's why vaccinated people are also supposed to stick to Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.


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