Novavax seeks approval from the Indian regulators for emergency use

The firm has asked for the emergency use of Covovax in India.


Novavax, a biotechnology firm based in US said seeks for final approval from the Drugs Controller General of India to allow its vaccine for emergency use.


Novavax Inc has a vaccine manufacturing agreement with Serum Institute of India which manufactures the Covid-19 vaccine, Covishield which is currently administered across the nation.


The vaccine manufacturering company has also asked other countries like Indonesia and the Philippines for thier approval for emergency use of its Covid-19 vaccine called as Covovax.


The two-dose Covovax vaccine is made with lab-grown copies of the spike protein which coats the contagious coronavirus.


To which, it makes it different from other widely used vaccines that delivers genetic instructions for the body to make its spike protein.


Earlier in June, the biotechnology firm has announced that its vaccine had proved about 90 per cent effective against symptomatic Covid-19 in a study of roughly 30,000 people in the US and Mexico.


The vaccine also worked against the different variants circulating in those countries at the time and side effects of the vaccine were mostly mild.


As for the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19, the vaccine manufacturer claimed that giving a booster six months after a second shot will inflame virus-fighting antibodies that could tackle that mutant.


The UK and other countries are testing if the two shot Covovax could be used as a booster after other types of covid vaccines.


The vaccine manufacturing company said that Indonesia already had expressed their interest in using the Novavax vaccine as a booster following some Chinese made shots.

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