Poonam Pandey distributes ration kits to needy

The couple distributed ration kits to spot boys in Mumbai.


No wonder the second wave of COVID-19 has hit India excessively. People are coming forward to help the needy in such bad times and so the celebrities, with all sort of necessities. Now, the erotic star Poonam Pandey has come forward with her support along with her husband Sam Bombay for spot boys in Mumbai.

As per reports, the couple distributed ration kits to them on in a bid to help them during the time of need.

A source revealed, "Poonam has distributed ration and other essentials to spot boys and others who aren't that financially capable. She has a heart of gold and we have seen that timely. In times such as this, we see the true self of everyone and that leaves a lasting expression."

Meanwhile, Poonam also confirmed the release of her upcoming music video with her husband. Sam said, "We have already shot 70% of the song by now in London"

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