Sculpture artist makes eco-friendly Ganesh idol sitting on vaccine vial in Gujarat

Dakshesh Jangid makes Ganesh idol, showing him sitting on a vaccine vial ahead of Ganeshotsav

Dakshesh Jangid who is an sculpture artist hailing from Gujarat's Vadodara has made an eco-friendly idol of Lord Ganesh showing him sitting on a vaccine vial, with a syringe beside him and a face mask in hand.

With an aim to spread awareness to follow Covid-19 protocols and to get vaccinated the artist made Ganesh idol ahead of Ganeshotsav.

Amidst the relaxations after second wave restrictions given by the government permitted people to celebrate the festival following all the protocols related to Covid-19 infection.

He has sculpted the idol with a height of 2.5 feet and added little structures of Covid warriors beside the vial which represents Covid-19 vaccination. Dakshesh Jangid told ANI that he have been making eco-friendly Ganesh idols for the past four years.

He further highlighted the idea behind making this is to raise awareness on following coronavirus protocols and also to get inoculated in order to prevent a third wave amidst relaxations given by the government.

The artist told ANI, "The message is that we should celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi while following all Covid guidelines this year." The idol maker said he took two days to make this unique idol with the help of a team of 3-4 people.

Jangid added that an organisation which sets up Ganesh pandals has selected his idol and decided to set up a vaccination campaign along with establishing the idol on Ganeshotsav. According to Hindu lunisolar calendar the ten-day festival, Ganesh Chaturthi starts from the fourth day of month Bhadrapada which is September 10 this year.


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