Third COVID wave likely to hit Maharashtra in 3-4 weeks, warns State Task Force

The mathematical model predicts a 100-120 day time gap between two waves

A state-appointed task force has expressed concerns that a third wave of COVID-19 pandemic could hit Maharashtra as early as the next two to four weeks.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray was informed that a highly virulent strain called 'Delta plus' could start the next wave in Maharashtra.

The senior doctors and officers are directed to ensure that medicines and health equipment are available across the state in rural and urban areas. The number of patients during the second wave was much higher due to the Delta variant. In that case, the third wave could see a higher volume of patients due to the Delta plus variant.

Officials warned that the third wave could see 8 lakh active cases, out of which 10 per cent could be children.

CM already started preparing for vaccination and also highlighted the importance of social distancing and RT-PCR tests.

However in an interview Dr. Rahul Pandit, Member, Maharashtra Covid Task Force, said there is no alert for a third wave in India in 2-4 weeks but we need to be prepared if it comes earlier than expected. According to Dr. Pandit " I don't think we're being alarmist. Nor are we trying to scare people. Let me put this in the right perspective. The discussion was about the preparation for the third wave. The mathematical model predicts a 100-120 day time gap between two waves. But models are models, we need to look at real-life scenarios."

He added "Countries like the US have had 14 to 15 weeks of gap between two waves. But the UK had a gap of less than eight weeks. We need to be prepared because we have the delta variant. At no point did we say the third wave will come in two weeks or four weeks. It's very difficult to guess."

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