White fungus detected in brain of recovered Covid-19 patient

The concerned patient complained, weakness in limbs and speech difficulty following recovery from Covid-19 infection.

A rare case of Aspergillus or white fungus had formed an abscess in the brain of a recovered Covid-19 patient from Hyderabad. The patient had recovered from coronavirus in earlier in May and had formed weakness of limbs and speech difficulty.


A computed topography scan of the brain revealed clot-like formations which did not diminish even after taking medications. It was after surgery that doctors have found that white fungus had formed an abscess in the brain of the concerned patient’s .


The senior neurosurgeon, Sunshine Hospitals, Dr P Ranganadham said while talking to a leading daily termed the occurrence of this as rare and also speculated on the route of entry of the white fungus into the brain.


Dr Ranganadham said, “This case is unique as there is an abscess formed by white fungus in the brain. The infection is post-recovery from Covid-19." He said that fungal infections in Covid-19 patients are found if they are diabetic and patient is non-diabetic.


After researching further, the doctor said that the patient had started complaining of weakness in the limbs and difficulty in speech on the sixth day of hospitalization during the peak of Covid-19 second wave pandemic.


Initially, the concerned patient was treated for haematoma but the possibility was done away with when after repeated MRI of the brain and it was found that the lesion had increased in size with dense and well-defined margins.


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