Abbas Siddiqui slams Mamata in Brigade Rally. Yechury set the slogan against BJP-TMC

Abbas slams Mamata for ‘tosan rajniti’ or the policy of appeasement towards the minority community

The poll bound states of West Bengal has witnessed highly intensified political drama, as the state is all set to have its 8th phrase of upcoming election starting from March 27. The state today witness of a massive historic Brigade rally at Brigade parade ground in Kolkata. The Left congress alliance with newly formed ISF is all set to make their huge comeback after failing to grab significantly in previous LokSabha and assembly election of the state.

In a jibe, the newly formed ISF or the Indian Secular Front’s cleric Abbasuddin Siddiqui from Furfura Sharif, takes a dig on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at the rally. He started his speech by slamming Mamata for not taking the issue of women’s right violation seriously and mere giving compensation to the rape victims. He then took the other contemporary issue in order bring out the fallout of the Mamata government. The first issue that he had raised against Mamata about the unemployment that prevails in the states and corruption in recruitment process. He said that recruitment of Madrasa is stopped by government, the other recruitment process is also dwindling like civic volunteers and assistant teachers, if the alliance is voted to power they will work towards the recruitment of people. Not only Mamata, he also takes a dig to the BJP government too, and said that “like we fought the British, we will also fight against the force of BJP, to oust them from the state.” He continued slamming Mamata for corruption in government, non-development in the other sectors such as infrastructure, education, health, food security and stated that the newly formed alliance government first priority is to focus on the above issues.

He also slams Mamata for ‘tosan rajniti’ or the policy of appeasement towards the minority community for which the govt had drawn much criticism from all sections of society. He said that he need ‘bhagidari’ or equal participation and not the tosan or policy of appeasement. The alliance government will thus fight for equal rights of dalits, adivasis, Muslims and others. ISF has 30 seats in alliance with Left Front and Congress Government.

The CPI (M) general secretary, Sitaram Yechury said that the Trinamool Congress has to be defeated first to stop the communal movement of the RSS-BJP, and he had also claimed that the TMC might re-join the NDA to form the government in West Bengal in case of a hung assembly. He also said that the fight between the TMC and the BJP is “mock fight”, and BJP is using money from the PM CARES fund of COVID-19 pandemic, to “buy” leaders during the time of elections. “This grand alliance of the Left and the secular forces will fight to defeat the corrupt TMC government and the BJP in the state, will fight for a better Bengal,” he said.


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