EC seeks more details over 'attack' on Bengal CM

Bengal Chief Secretary sent 'Attack' report to EC without any mention of the alleged attack.

The West Bengal chief secretary submitted a report to the Election Commission of India on the Nandigram incident which led to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's injury.

The report states that the injury caused by a car door slamming on Didi's leg, but the report does not clearly mentions what led the door to shut. However, it talks about the presence of an iron pole near the car and the crowd, but not of the actual matter.

As per the bits and pieces gathered during the entire incident, the report seems to be quite bureaucratic as it talks about only ground level information but not what exactly led to the Injury and that's where the real catch is.

Analysing the incident, there can be three possibilities through the visuals gathered - the scenario Mamata alleged from the first day, or it accidentally happened due to the force of the crowd, and last, the iron poll which was next to the car on the side of the road.

Now, as Didi has been discharged from the hospital, it would be interesting to see how Trinamool Congress will react to the situation. Also, it can be assumed that now Didi will be back with her campaigns, though on a wheelchair, portraying that she's a fighter even after her political opponents tried to harm her.

Meanwhile, the poll panel has sought more details on the incident by Saturday evening.


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