We must answer everyone who has decided to ruin the image of our tea and everyone who supports such conspiracies: PM Modi says in Assam

PM Modi praise the flavour of Sonitpur Tea, and he support the benefit of tea workers

PM Modi today visited Assam for launching of key projects, he launched the "Asom Mala" programme at Dhekiajuli in Sonitpur district. PM Modi said that this initiative will boost the state's road infrastructure and contribute to Assam's economic progress and improve connectivity.
PM Modi started his speech with the history of Sonitpur. He stated in 1942, Assam's freedom fighters had given their lives for the respect of our Indian tricolour and its Independence in this region. Today, India's brave hearts are waking up and drawing inspiration from the freedom fighters and their sacrifices. Last month he visited Assam and he said he is proud of Sonitpur, Assam history“Asamiya Gourav”.
He also talks of Bodo Agreement and the development made by Bodoland. After the historic Bodo Agreement, the Bodo Territorial Council elections have written a new chapter of trust and development in the region.
He praise the flavour of Sonitpur Tea, and he support the benefit of tea workers, Asam Cha Bagicha Dhan Purashkar had led 7.5 lakh tea garden worker get DBT in their account. Also the women were benefitted, pregnant women will also get benefitted and mobile medical facilities are to be created. "Supporting the efforts of Assam government, we have allotted Rs 1,000 crore for workers in tea plantations. This fund will help facilities that you receive and ease the lives of our tea workers," said PM Modi.
­After that he take dig at opposition and conspiracies, they try to malign “tea-image” of India; he was referring to the ‘toolkit’ that was accidently shared by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg on twitter. 
"Some documents have come out that reveal that some people outside India are trying to malign India's tea and the nation's image associated with it. We must answer everyone who has decided to ruin the image of our tea and everyone who supports such conspiracies. India will not let these conspiracies win," he said. He said, everyone have to answer who had tried to malign the “tea-image” of India, he message to conspirators that he will not let them win at any cost and tea worker will give them benefitting reply.

The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stones of medical colleges and hospitals in Biswanath and Charaideo. "Till 2016, Assam had only 6 medical colleges. In the last 5 years, we've started work on 6 more medical colleges. Till 2016, Assam had only nearly 725 MBBS seats. These new medical colleges would add 1,600 new MBBS doctors every year to Assam after they start functioning," said PM Modi. He said previously even before 5 years, there were no facilities of treatment; it takes hours to get treatment. “It is my dream to ensure that every state has at least 1 medical college and 1 technical college that teaches in the mother tongue," he added. The Centre will start a new medical college and technical college in Assamese in the state, soon. Work is also in progress on AIIMS in Guwahati. The first batch has already started this year in AIIMS in Guwahati, the Prime Minister stated."Nearly 1.5 lakh poor people have benefited from the Ayushman Bharat Yojana from Assam. Over 350 hospitals have been empanelled under the scheme. These schemes have saved crores of rupees for the poor," said PM Modi.The government has also decided that in over 600 districts pan-India, integrated labs will be built. People from small towns and rural areas will benefit for this as they will not have to travel long distances for basic medical tests.  He also said 300 hospitals in Assam associated with Ayushman Bharat and 1.5 people benefited from it, also Atal Amrut Yogana helped the people of Assam. There also health and wellness centre in Assam. "Over 55 lakh people from Assam have already taken medical help from the Health and Wellness Centres that are being opened in all corners of the state. India has experienced its healthcare sensitivity during the COVID pandemic. Our vaccination drive is being praised the world over," he added. He also said that in recent budget the heath had given much priority.

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