'Sampoorna suraksha kavach': Man applies sanitizer all over his body like lotion; video gets viral

The video has garnered more than 5,100 views

A bizarre video has been going viral all over the internet, where an elderly man decided to rub sanitizer all over his hands, arms, face, hair, legs and feet - as if it was some oil or lotion. A video of the old man shows he does not do it once but twice.

The 50-second clip was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on Twitter with caption: "Iska Corona baal bhi baka nhi kar sakta. Par mask niche nahi karna tha chacha. (Corona won’t even dare to touch him. But, uncle you shouldn’t have pulled your mask down)."


The video has garnered more than 5,100 views. While many netizens found the video hilarious, others said that the elderly man should have been guided about how to use the sanitizer.

One twitter user wrote "Chacha ka sampoorn suraksha kavach --> Sanitizer. Killing germs since 2020."

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