'Why so much homework,' six-year-old girl questions 'Modi saab'

In the 45-second clip, the girl expresses her stress over the subjects and timing of online classes.

With almost over a year of online classes, it is safe to say that students across India are feeling the repercussions of their overwhelming screen time. Young, school-going children are no exception to this.

While we might think that only students appearing for board exams and other professional courses are facing the brunt of these academic issues, children as young as six years of age are also going through a tough time.

Such is the case of this six-year-old girl from Kashmir who is seen talking about her daily school schedule and asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi "why there is so much work for such small kids".

In the 45-second clip, the girl says her classes begin at 10 am and continue till 2 pm. She says, "There is English, Mathematics, Urdu and EVS. And then there is computer class as well".

"There's so much work for kids," the young girl said, using hand gestures to show the stress she faces every day.

"Why do small kids have to deal with so much work, Modi Sahab?" the kid asked. After a few seconds of silence, she said, "What can be done? Assalamualaikum, Modi Sahab, Bye."

No wonder, this video has gone viral now and netizens couldn't resist themselves from sharing it.

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