100-pound Opah fish caught at Oregon beach

Experts were also shocked to see the size of the fish.


Experts were shocked when they saw a fish of 100 pounds washed up on Oregon's Sunset beach. The fish was identified as Opah fish, which is more commonly known as moonfish. It's height is 3.5 feet.


The assistant manager of the Seaside aquarium, Tiffany Boothe said that even the experts were also shocked to see the size of the fish. It was much more than what they had expected.


"It is shocking to see an opah here as it was very rare to find such a fish in the area as they live mostly in the middle ocean," she said.


However, such size isn't rare for Opah fish as they can weigh more than 600-pounds and can be over 6 feet in length.


Last time in 2009, the same species of fish was found 37 miles off Columbia river weighing 97-pounds.


A research biologist with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Heidi Dewar said this fish is unusual to be seen here, but because of the climatic change the marine animals are seen to move northwards with the increasing oceanic temperature.

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