After Mohua Moitra's Chotiwala barb, Giriraj Singh reacts

Singh said Mamata Banerjee’s people have a hatred towards ‘choti, religion and Jai Shri Ram.’

As the Trinamool Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party have indulged in a quarrel over the chotiwala jibe, Union fisheries Minister on Thursday reacted sharply to a tweet towards TMC MP Mohua Moitra’s.

“There are chotiwalas and then there are chotiwala rakshasas who refers to gotra of Rohingyas as if it was a term of abuse. Modiji should ask his cabinet minister to refrain from such filth,” she had said.

Taking a dig, Singh said the Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s people have a hatred towards ‘choti, religion and Jai Shri Ram’ and he was proud that ‘choti’ is his sanskar (sacrament) and ‘sanskriti’ (culture).

Moitra’s remark came in the backdrop of Singh raking up the issue of ‘Rohingya’s gotra’ after Mamata mentioned her gotra on Tuesday. Addressing a rally in Nandigram, she said that her gotra is ‘Maa Maati Manush’ but she is actually a ‘Shandilya’.

Singh further accused ‘Didi’ of using the gotra card to win this year’s assembly and said, “We talk about development. I am proud of my religion and culture. People should ask (Mamata Banerjee ). On one hand, she is reciting the kalma on the other hand she talks about her gotra. She neither got Maya nor Ram.”

The victory in the West Bengal assembly elections may be of any party, but the round of accusations has heated up the atmosphere and the political observers, party leaders and people of the country are also eagerly awaiting the result.

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